Minelab Vanquish 440 Metal Detector

Minelab Vanquish 440 Metal Detector

1,100.00 AED

PINPOINT MODE: Zero in and locate targets with extreme precision thanks to this specialized detection mode. PACK & CARRY DESIGN: At just 2.6 lbs. (1.2 kg), this lightweight and collapsible detector is ready to help you find, whenever and wherever you are.

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Encore is an authorized distributor for Minelab metal detectors based in Dubai - United Arab Emirates. With a Minelab certified service center, Encore ensure that your Minelab metal detector is well supported and served throughout 3 years of limited warranty. Minelab widely known for its field proven metal detectors. Starting with a metal detector for kids and family fun moving up to experienced professional specialized in gold hunting, Minelab has designed the right metal detector for you. Minelab provide and develop world’s best metal detecting technologies best known for gold detection, treasure hunting, and countermine operations. Minelab Features top selling market level metal detectors including Go-Find Series, Equinox 800, Vanquish series, Goldmonster, GPX series, SDC2300, and the ZVT powered GPZ7000. On top of that, Minelab uses only finest high-quality grade material in manufacturing their products. Every item that has Minelab logo is roughly designed and built rugged with precise engineering. Since 1985, Minelab has always been the first in the market to patent world’s leading metal detecting technologies such as ZVT, VLF, SETA, DVT, and MPF, etc. Encore has been Minelab Authorized agency for more than 12 years. Over this period, Encore has trained and supported thousands of gold prospectors over multiple regions of Africa and Middle east. With Encore, buying your Minelab metal detector online has never been easier and with our 24/7 support you are always welcomed to ask our support team for any technical advice so you never lose your track when assembling or operating you metal detector.
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Product Description

Minelab is known the world over for their metal detecting technology and has developed an everyday alternative to a single frequency detector. We are pleased to announce the pending release of our new VANQUISH Series metal detectors. The VANQUISH series is a lightweight, collapsible, fully adjustable, waterproof/water resistant and affordable metal detector for the coin and treasure market utilizing Minelab’s revolutionary Multi-IQ technology. Step up your detecting game with the powerful Vanquish 440. Complete with Multi-IQ Simultaneous Multi-Frequency Technology, this model also packs on a versatile V10 Double-D Coil, Audio Control and a specialized pin-point mode for more powerful precision.Highly versatile and waterproof, the VANQUISH 440 comes with Minelab’s V10 10”x7” Double-D coil as standard.

MULTI-IQ TECHNOLOGY: Minelab’s revolutionary technology combines the power of multiple detectors into one, allowing you to effectively search all metals, all soils, all the time.

TURN ON AND GO: Engineered to let you start accurately searching right out of the box.

AUDIO CONTROL: Automatic noise cancelling, lag-free audio response and 10-volume settings put you in control.

WATERPROOF: Waterproof coils up to 1 m (3.3 ft) and Water Resistant control pod (with included Rain Cover)

ALL-TERRAIN: Select one of four find modes – Coin, Relic, Jewelry, or Custom – and start your search anywhere you find a surface.

Weight 14 kg
Dimensions 28 × 2.53 × 66 cm