Nugget Finder 17 x 13 Evolution Mono (SL)

Nugget Finder 17 x 13 Evolution Mono (SL)

1,650.00 AED

  • Compatiblity: Minelab GPX Series (5000 & 4500)
  • Lightweight – 975 Grams
  • Coil Cover included
  • Sharp Signal Response
  • Shape – Elliptical
  • Perfect for shallow streams detection
  • Size 17×13″
  • Type – Mono
  • Build – Spoke (Open)
  • Waterproof

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Nugget Finder

Nuggetfinder ultimate gold search coils hand made in Australia since 1991. Nugget finder have been Designing and Manufacturing Gold Detector Coils in Australia for over 25 years. Since Nuggetfinder started in the early 90’s their focus has always been to produce the Highest Quality, Lightest and Most Reliable Gold Detector Coils on the market. Almost every part used to make a Nuggetfinder Coil is produced in the Victorian Goldfields City of Bendigo. Every coil is Hand Made by a small team of skilled workers. Continual Testing and Development of new products guarantees the coils you buy today are matched perfectly to the latest Gold Detector Technology.
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Product Description

The 17 x 13″ Evolution Mono offers more depth and sensitivity to objects while increasing the coverage area. The revolutionary Evolution Mono is durable coil that maximize and stabilize detection of Minelab GPX Series. This coil helps you to cover more area and to achieve more depth and at the same time Waterproof, Easy to install, and Easy to use. Nugget finder always ensures to use top market material to manufacture heavy duty, durable, and light weight coils. The 17 x 13″ Evolution has spiral winding that greaty improves sensitivity and performance. The high quality design of polyarbonate shaft mount helps to spread stress from the shaft to a wider area therefore reducing the chance of breaking or damage when maneuvering.

Weight 1.6 kg
Dimensions 46 × 11 × 47 cm